Welcome to Riverdene Nursery!

Riverdene nurseries is a family based business that produces a wide range of plant material for the nursery industry, the re-vegetation sector and the environmental sector.

The nursery complex covers close to 12 hectares and this enables us to produce a wide range of plants for all sectors of the horticultural industry, including the home garden and the landscaping sectors. The nursery also maintains a continuing plant breeding and selection program that adds a continuing number of new varieties to our list. The nursery also offers the following services, vegetation surveys, species identification, seed collecting, advice on planting, workshop and field day presentations.

Click these links to see information about:

  1. The environmental sector
  2. The amenity and home garden sector
  3. The landscaping sector
  4. The plant breeding and development sector
  5. Super advanced


Opening Hours:

Weekdays - 9am to 5pm

Weekends - 9am to 3pm

The nursery is open 7 days, but closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.